Our most important day: Yours

Our goal is to make your life easy. And for this, we have drawn up a plan:

May you enjoy this moment and the journey, which is the most beautiful, the best, the richest and tastiest… and let us take care of the rest.

For that, our Sunday Boxes are here. Choose the one that best suits who you are and come see us to tell us what you want. From there, live, enjoy… Because this may be one of the best moments of your lives. 

Wedding Planner San Sebastián & Basque Country

love box

Complete organization

Like love, we promise you everything.

That means decoration, supplier management, catering, dress fittings, guest agendas, accommodations, table design, tableware, flowers, necessary furniture, invitations, posters, music, speech and wedding officiant, perfect set up… and coordination on the wedding day.

We will be there, at your side in case you need anything (a Kleenex for the most romantic ones…)

Sunny box


Like the sun, we decorate everything so that it shines with its own light.

We think together of an idea that unites everything and, from there, we manage all the suppliers (yes, all of them, you read correctly) so that the decoration is perfect. And we’re not going anywhere until everything is set up, perfect and in its place.

Because a perfect decoration requires attention to the smallest detail.

Kiss box


You devise your dream wedding, with all the suppliers and details.

A few months before day B, we start talking about everything you have planned and we are in charge of creating the timing, distribution of tables and also, on the day of the wedding we will be with you from start to finish to coordinate everything and ensure that you do not you don’t have to worry about anything.

Company & Private events

At Sunday Atelier we help you design and organize any type of event for you or your company: anniversary, birthday, baptism, communion, inauguration, presentation, launch, party…

The organization of an event requires taking into account many aspects: space design, management and contracting of suppliers, audiovisual material, decoration, human team, technical team, guest protocol, agenda, catering, among others.

The Sunday Atelier team is in charge of managing each and every one of them, down to the last detail, to respond with originality, professionalism, efficiency and quality to the needs of our clients. We offer “turnkey” projects, adapted to your image and business philosophy, which will ensure the success of your event.

Let us surprise you!